September 27, 2009

Today at the Mall

I just wrote most of this on my twitter, but this is a better place for it. I'm just gonna cut and paste it from there and fill in the holes.

I took a picture of a security guard telling kids they couldn't wear their costumes (a dog & chicken) in the mall.  The security guard says to give him the picture (a Polaroid) right now or he will, "Ban me from the mall." and he, "Knows I work in the mall and that would be really bad for my job." really serious like. I tell him I didn't take his pic but I did take a pic of something else. he says "Yes, you did I saw the flash come this way". I laugh, "Ha ha, you got me." Then he asks me for the picture again, again very seriously. I want to keep my picture so I ask him if this is really going to be an issue, or a problem I don't remember which, but anyway. He says, "It absolutely will." I hesitate a moment and sigh "Fine. Here." and I give him said picture. He takes it then radios for someone to come take MY picture because he's going to ban me anyway. WTF!? I'm like "What!? I just gave you the picture!" He says something else on the radio, I don't know what. I'm like, "I don't have time for this." so Tiff and I leave. The whole time walking to the car I'm thinking, did that really just happen? What the Hell?


Said costumed kids.

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Tee said...

It's almost Halloween season! What is so wrong with kids wearing costumes around the mall??? I'm sure he'll be seeing more costumed people as the month go on. Is he going to chase down all of them and ban them? And why the hell is a security guard so overly paranoid about a photo?! Isn't Big Brother watching him as well somewhere?