December 19, 2008

New Polaroids (pt.1)

Scanned some old 88s and a few new ones

i'll have some new new ones up soon
love -gil

I <3 this Video

Mike Relm - Everytime

Mike Relm - Everytime (reverse Version)

December 14, 2008

good morning

it's 2:30 am i just got home and thought i'd give yous guys an update on what's going downs.

sorry there haven't been many pics lately i've been working on some polaroid stuff (my book), a new t-shirt (FKR) and taking care of x-mas stuff the last while and it has been taking up all my time.  don't fret there will be new stuff soon as i get scanning and as soon as i decide if i'm going to adult expo in vegas next month.  i did fix some broken links though so feel free to check out some old favorites if you'd like.  umm... that's it i'm tired good night.


 sorry i have no spelling or grammar skills

October 18, 2008

10/16/08 ("ICON")

Thanks to Dance Evolution, to the speakers, to everyone who came out & for all the nice things you said. I love all ya'll. I couldn't do it without you. I had the night off so thanks to NapkinNights for the pics (more soon as I track them down)

September 22, 2008


fashion stroll kandyland rave glow austin leeds dj trails girls mustache on a stick


dj donald glaude dew tour after party skate board motocross bmx amp

September 18, 2008

AST Dew Tour BMX Dirt Highlights (SLC)

Mike Aitken Corey Bohan Cameron White Dennis Enarson James Foster TJ Ellis Luke Parslow Anthony Napolitan Brandon Dosch Cory Nastazio Ryan Nyquist Ryan Guettler

September 10, 2008


tanya james adam rush cbr craig robin porn star girls boobs booty dj lingerie


wall dress for sex birfday jessy black party model search girls beer thursday

September 8, 2008

a text i got last week

“We just got kicked out of a pool. Naked. And then security kicked is out. A snail named “John the 3rd” is on his car. I gave him a fake name and number and we are going to go out next week. And we are wearing army cloths, hats, and boots and have ****** and we’re taking sexy pictures and playing twister and someone is driving a moter cycle to del taco. And we are not speaking to ******. And i’m wearing a leather jacket. And someone just said the word felatio”

I heart my friends

September 5, 2008

More bad videos of cool stuff

yeah sorry the sound is bad i'm still working on how to cut down the noise when i'm sooting loud stuff but i't getting better so check it out ;)

1.) SNOT (snot) - SLC - 8/23/08

2.) DJ Craze - SLC - 8/23/08

3.) mc chris - SLC - 8/30/08
(playing around with syncing up sound & video)

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September 1, 2008

More August

mcchris wonderland crash gold girls party dj craze

August 16, 2008


this link is broken! i'll fix it when i can.

hyper crush crystal method axis ice utopia fire smoke video shoot hydrant

August 2, 2008

More July

halloween july dress up party wet-t sort of scotty boy pool sticker naked bikini beer

July 31, 2008

What's Up?

some of you may have noticed... i've started posting video on the YouTube thanks in part to Logan who did the original chop of the KRS-One video and showed me how to do the basic editing on my own (thanks yo)

if your on YouTube check out my page (thatguygil) i plan on posting pretty regularly since i have so much old video that has yet to see the light of day and have been shooting some new stuff too

here is the first video entirely shot, chopped & posted by me
i call it "KRS-One Vs. Dj Juggy" enjoy

krs1 krs-one dj juggy slc slat lake city

July 30, 2008


this link is broken! i'll fix it when i can.

fetish night hektik stars beer


pioneer day sticker contest good dance party

July 23, 2008


saturday paul oakenfold rave party v2 justin strange street cage

July 22, 2008


wednesday stereo sg suicide dance party girl sound electro

July 14, 2008

Hey Look...

polaroid polaroids 600 fuji instax mini

July 13, 2008


?uestlove questlove dj knucks pole tricks graffiti day time summer concert roots


dj paul soulman latu juggy poncho pole zeb atlas gogo flash

June 30, 2008

More June...

benny benassi scotty boy DJ muggs birthday gil ivy 10 years w v2 critical mass bull run rave fetish fire

June 1, 2008

More May...

ill insanity party flash dance hip hop beer soundclash


Break Tweaker Brian Wayne Transeau bt electronica

May 30, 2008


bad boy bill v2 free party DJ monk eddie halliwell


Jared Gold Czarina Fashion Show slc audrey kitching sara mohr dirk mai clint catalyst

May 18, 2008


atmosphere hip hop paint that shit gold sound venue slug ant

May 13, 2008


yo majesty. does it offend you, yeah?. ultraviolet sound. electro. rap


ultraviolet sound, electro, rock, gimme my electro


cinco de mayo, tony touch, beer, beads

May 3, 2008