September 22, 2008


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September 18, 2008

AST Dew Tour BMX Dirt Highlights (SLC)

Mike Aitken Corey Bohan Cameron White Dennis Enarson James Foster TJ Ellis Luke Parslow Anthony Napolitan Brandon Dosch Cory Nastazio Ryan Nyquist Ryan Guettler

September 10, 2008


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September 8, 2008

a text i got last week

“We just got kicked out of a pool. Naked. And then security kicked is out. A snail named “John the 3rd” is on his car. I gave him a fake name and number and we are going to go out next week. And we are wearing army cloths, hats, and boots and have ****** and we’re taking sexy pictures and playing twister and someone is driving a moter cycle to del taco. And we are not speaking to ******. And i’m wearing a leather jacket. And someone just said the word felatio”

I heart my friends

September 5, 2008

More bad videos of cool stuff

yeah sorry the sound is bad i'm still working on how to cut down the noise when i'm sooting loud stuff but i't getting better so check it out ;)

1.) SNOT (snot) - SLC - 8/23/08

2.) DJ Craze - SLC - 8/23/08

3.) mc chris - SLC - 8/30/08
(playing around with syncing up sound & video)

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September 1, 2008

More August

mcchris wonderland crash gold girls party dj craze